Advanced 3G, 3.5G, and 4G wireless access technologies are integral elements in the evolution of the connected home. Entry-level voice and text-based communications inevitably lead to more intense, bandwidth-hungry mobile applications such as photo imaging, gaming, video sharing and social networking.

With more than 220 HSDPA (High-Speed Downlink Packet Access) networks now deployed worldwide, it is possible to deliver high value mobile services directly to the homes of subscribers. Nextivity is at the forefront of the mobile broadband evolution; with a particular focus on in-building coverage solutions for home and enterprise environments. We have been working with mobile operators to build an intelligent architecture aimed at solving the in-building coverage crisis.

The Nextivity product family roadmap reflects a combination of application-specific innovation with, purpose-built solutions, for real market challenges – all powered by our family of IntelliBoost Baseband Processors (IBP). This core technology, now in its second generation, has been designed to optimize the indoor transmission and reception of 3G/3.5G/4G wireless signals and enable high value services to be enjoyed by the greatest number of subscribers around the world. Fabricated using advanced 65nm CMOS technology, the second generation IBP II brings advanced algorithm design along with a high speed RISC processor and low power consumption to bear down on the challenging problem of indoor coverage. With advanced filtering, equalization and digital echo cancellation techniques, we have developed an embedded architecture which delivers unprecedented in-building data rates and pervasive 3G/4G connectivity. The high capacity, ultra-low latency IntelliBoost modem delivers reliable performance under the most challenging indoor conditions.

The IBP II is the heart of the Cel-Fi product architecture. Along with low cost RF transceivers and PCB design, the Nextivity Cel-Fi solution can easily be modularized for integration with other technologies to enable the creation of a number of new classes of consumer products. We believe that there is a triple play of technology drivers which enables operators to solve their customers’ immediate concerns over inadequate indoor coverage and data throughput. With an optimal Speed, Coverage and Capacity approach, mobile network operators can ensure that every subscriber becomes a loyal customer and a potential Fixed-Mobile Substitution (FMS) prospect as 3.5G/4G mobile broadband offerings mature.

In addition to delivering optimal Speed, coverage and Capacity, the Nextivity technology platform also provides operators with the opportunity to deliver a rich set of value added services to subscribers. With its built-in high speed RISC processor, the IBP family has the processing power necessary to ensure the delivery of a rich customer experience and optimal customer retention.


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