Nextivity Streamlines CEL-FI QUATRA Commercial Cellular and Public Safety Deployments with CEL-FI COMPASS / COMPASS RED

To further streamline the deployment of the CEL-FI QUATRA family of products, Nextivity today unveiled the latest release of its CEL-FI COMPASS installation tool. CEL-FI COMPASS is a radio frequency (RF) smart data collection handheld designed to spot scan and measure the signal strength and quality of multiple bands and technologies. It makes it easier for installers and integrators to better design, install, commission, and optimize CEL-FI QUATRA systems for both commercial cellular and public safety deployments. Nextivity will be showcasing CEL-FI COMPASS at GSMA Thrive Mobile World Congress Americas and Realcom iBcon Virtual Events.

Together with the CEL-FI WAVE PRO application – which connects to the battery-powered CEL-FI COMPASS tool through Bluetooth – COMPASS provides integrators and installers everything they need to streamline the installation of Nextivity’s hybrid active DAS in-building cellular coverage solutions.

Key features include:

  • CEL-FI COMPASS functions as a commissioning tool for CEL-FI QUATRA, without the need for a live Internet connection at the site.
  • Novel Antenna Positioning features for off-air deployments are used to decode the network and provide user info on the direction that yields the best donor signal to ensure the highest system performance. This takes the guess work out of pointing the donor antenna.
  • In under a minute through the CEL-FI WAVE PRO app, CEL-FI COMPASS can scan and measure cellular data throughput speed and serve up a versatile Full Signal Report (in .CSV format) for all four major operators and available bands on every channel, without the need for an active SIM card.
  • When an active SIM card is available, CEL-FI COMPASS can also do spot Operator Signal Measurements on cellular bands for the four major carriers, as well as FirstNet Bands.
  • Speed Tests are also enabled with a SIM card, allowing integrators to test speeds using upload/download ping tests as a KPI to share with customers or end users interested in before/after data.
  • CEL-FI COMPASS is built to last, with a rugged rubberized exo-skeleton.

Nextivity now offers an all-new CEL-FI COMPASS RED add-on module for deployments of the CEL-FI QUATRA RED ERRCS Public Safety Solution. This add-on module can be attached to the side of COMPASS, includes a dedicated antenna for public safety. It enables the indoor testing of 700 and 800 MHz bands, which is critical for optimizing a QUATRA RED installation and completing the onsite walk-through and acceptance testing protocols with Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ). It also enables integrators and installers to see signal strength and quality and activate the QUATRA RED system.

“The feedback we consistently receive from our partner ecosystem is that our in-building cellular coverage solutions have the best coverage footprint, and are the easiest and fastest to install,” said Werner Sievers, CEO of Nextivity. “But we have gone a step further with CEL-FI COMPASS and the COMPASS RED add-on, ensuring that our CEL-FI QUATRA family of products have the best deployment experience in the industry. This tool ensures our partners have the critical intelligence they need to optimize their installations on major carrier and public safety networks.”

In North America, CEL-FI COMPASS supports a frequency range of 698 to 2700 MHz. CEL-FI COMPASS RED supports 700 and 800 MHz bands, as well as FirstNet band 14.

Additional information on CEL-FI COMPASS and COMPASS RED is available at

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