Signal Not Received: Is your building smart without good cellular coverage?

An active DAS hybrid that solves coverage issues for voice, data and IoT applications

How will you control a smart building’s automated heating, lighting, or security systems – and reap the operational benefits – if you can’t connect to your smartphone indoors?

Over the last decade, there have been tremendous advances in the technology that amplifies the cellular signal from the macro network inside buildings that can deliver the, where devices are used the most, so subscribers experience high-quality cellular connectivity required for cellular-based IoT applications in smart buildings. without dropped calls, echoing, slow downloads and black holes.

An enormous investment in research and development by Nextivity has gone into a new breed of digital cellular coverage technology – the Cel-Fi product line. It has the system intelligence, power and gain to amplify cellular signal from a small cell or off air that uniformly lights up a building or campus to provide exceptional coverage – with the ease of installation and maintenance, and total cost of ownership not available with earlier technologies.

The case studies that follow show the effectiveness of this technology in resolving in-building cellular connectivity issues for all major carriers with off-air installations of Cel-Fi QUATRA, the active DAS hybrid that was developed by Nextivity specifically for the middleprise.

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