QUATRA Connects Underground Parking Garage



  • Four-level parking garage had no cellular coverage
  • New electric car charging stations need cellular
  • Dense building material kept cellular signal from coming inside




  • 3-5 bars throughout the parking garage

The Challenge

A four-level, underground parking garage had no cellular coverage. Creating an unsafe environment for users of the parking garage, and they also need cellular coverage for their new electric car charging stations. These charging stations need cellular coverage to enable their software packages which allow for customer billing, fleet management, charger monitoring and even iPhone and Android apps for customers to use to find their chargers.

The Solution

The integrator, HCI,  performed an RF survey to define signal levels for all carriers throughout the parking garage, building, and roof. HCI found very poor signal levels (-110 or worse) throughout the parking garage and very good signals for all carriers from the roof.

Their proposed solution was CEL-FI QUATRA 4000 with antennas off the roof for an off air donor signal application. Using this concept they created a topology of installation and operation.

Their proposal was accepted and HCI installed (3) LPDA Antennas and (1) LPDA-R antenna on roof, one for each carrier. Ran 1/2″ Plenum cable through 4″ conduit down to the first parking garage level into the climate controlled room designated to house the NU’s. Installed (2) NU’s and began running conduit and all cabling involved to each of the (11) CU points.

The Results

“Since the areas are very open, we designed the system to operate only off the CU’s with no DAS fields,” says Trevor Hanson with HCI. Upon completion, HCI worked with CEL-FI Support to review the installation and made adjustments as needed utilizing attenuators.

After the installation was complete, signals went from -110 or worse (1 to no bars) to -70 to -80 signal levels (3 to 5 bars) throughout the parking garage. “CEL-FI continues to amaze!” says Trevor. Now every person entering the garage has reliable coverage, from all four major carriers.

  • High-quality solution for the middleprise
  • Supports multi-carrier voice and data
  • Carrier-approved and unconditionally network safe
  • Can be monitored and managed using CEL-FI WAVE

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