Solving coverage for high-rise elevators

Indoor Cellular Coverage For Public Service With CEL-FI PRO


Poor cellular coverage in elevators creates a security concern

A combination of CEL-FI PRO and CEL-FI DUO+ Smart Signal Boosters

• Even though this was a complex installation, systems were installed within a day
• Strong coverage throughout the lobby and elevators
• Cost-effective solution for the highest gain and largest footprint

Melinda, Building Manager

Melinda is a high-rise building manager whose role is to act as a liaison between the property owner, residents, and management. She works closely with other facility staff to maintain a high occupancy rate, retain residents, and resolve issues in a timely manner.


Despite the proximity to multiple cell towers, Melinda and her facility staff receive numerous complaints regarding cellular coverage in the building’s elevators. Residents regularly experience dropped calls upon entering the elevators. For some, it is a pesky inconvenience – for others, it is a matter of personal comfort and security. Traditional bi-directional amplifiers (BDAs) are unable to generate enough power to provide a consistent signal, and are costly and complex to install.

The Solution

Melinda is referred to CellTeks, a premier cellular solutions provider for wireless users. CellTeks’ Vice President of Business Development, Duane, suggests a combination of CEL-FI PRO and DUO+ Smart Signal Boosters, which deliver the highest gain and largest footprint of any boosters in their class, at an affordable price point. Melinda gives the CellTeks team the go-ahead to proceed. CEL-FI systems were installed within a day, even though this was a complex installation. Upon deployment in the building’s elevator lobbies, the coverage gaps are immediately filled—and residents instantly noticed the difference.


Melinda and the facility staff are also thrilled, because they were finally able to solve a nagging issue quickly and cost-effectively thanks to CellTeks. “Our expertise lies in combining our industry knowledge and experience with innovative solutions like CEL-FI to get positive results,” says Duane. “We only partner with companies whose solutions align with our vision and business model, and CEL-FI fits the bill.”

  • Improves conditions for residents
  • Enhances safety and security
  • Quick and affordable fix

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