Coverage for emergency response

Indoor cellular coverage for Emergency Response teams


Search and rescue efforts hampered by lack of cellular coverage.

CEL-FI PRO plugs in for immediate signal to the outside.

• Timely communication with crews
• Accelerated recovery process
• Temporary but powerful emergency fix

Hershel, Vice President of Business Development

Hershel is a Vice President of Business Development for CellTeks, a premier cellular solutions provider for wireless users. He and his team are recognized experts for tower-based, in-building, and mobile cellular solutions for both urban and rural applications across Texas and New Mexico.

Business Need

When the town of Wimberley was devastated by flooding in May of 2015, an emergency command center was established in a local church. However, with no cellular coverage, it was difficult to effectively coordinate rescue and recovery teams. In a life-and-death situation like this, finding a solution powerful enough to serve rescuers and deploying it quickly were top priorities for the town.

The Solution

Hershel and his team at CellTeks installed CEL-FI Signal Boosters throughout the church. The systems were plugged in and up and running in less than 30 minutes, enabling search crews to begin communicating with the command center immediately. “Because this was a temporary situation, the key was delivering a simple, cost-effective, cable-free solution that could be easily installed and removed,” he explains. With a strong, reliable signal to the outside, the town could coordinate efforts and resources more efficiently from its makeshift base, accelerating the recovery process.

  • Timely communication with crews
  • Accelerated recovery process
  • Temporary but powerful emergency fix

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