Highrise in Fortitude Valley gets Connected



  • 8 floor building with poor cellular coverage
  • Nearest cell tower was only 200 meters away, but staff was still frustrated with their signal
  • Needed approval from building management to not disrupt original construction
  • Signal was required for the technical room to function




  • Better signal increasing productivity

The Challenge

Positioned on the top floor of this eight-floor tower, this office has suffered from poor cellular coverage for both Optus and Telstra. Despite the nearest cellular tower being only 200 meters from the building, staff were becoming frustrated increasingly with the lack of mobile signal.

Powertec installer, Protecc, needed approval from building management when executing this solution. In order to connect the two external antennas from the roof of the building to the eighth floor, several holes would need to be drilled.

The Solution

Multiple site visits and scrupulous planning were required to have minimal disruption to the original construction. Two Mars 5dBi Panel Antennas were used as external antennas on the roof of the building to each capture the Optus and Telstra signal. These antennas were used because of the proximity of the local cellular tower.

These external antennas fed the signal to three CEL-FI GO units. To cover the office, three internal antennas were connected to the CEL-FI GO “hub” in order to saturate the entire floor with Optus and Telstra 3G/4G signal.

Products used in this installation:

  • 2x CEL-FI GO for Telstra
  • 1x CEL-FI GO+ for Optus
  • 2x Mars 5dBi Panel Antennas
  • 3x Blackhawk Ceiling Dome Antennas

The Results

Management in this office identified that a 3G/4G signal would be required for their technical room to function. The modems are running smart meters. Staff in this office building have also benefitted from the increased cellular signal.

The poor coverage in this building had a negative impact, affecting productivity as well as health and safety. The average Telstra 3G coverage on the seventh floor went from zero signal to -51dMb (band 5) and Telstra 4G -75dBm (band 28). The average Optus 3G coverage went from -63dBm (band 8) and Optus 4G -87dBm (band 3).

  • Improved 3G/4G/4G voice and data
  • Indoor/Outdoor IP54 rated
  • Flexible and cost-effective

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