CEL-FI GO Connects Museum in New Zealand



  • The Museum is constructed from stone, hindering signal penetration
  • The Museum is a heritage-listed building. No modifications can be made externally. Internally, the installation must have minimal interruption
  • The donor antenna will need to be set up inside


  • CEL-FI GO Stationary


  • Completely eliminated all missed calls and dropouts

The Challenge

This Museum was first opened to the public in 1867. No major modifications have been made to the historic building, it maintains its original stone construction. As with all businesses, being uncontactable is inefficient and leads to unsatisfied customers. Staff at the Museum were constantly experiencing dropped or missed calls; cellular coverage at the museum was a major issue.

Operationally, it was very difficult and endlessly frustrating for office and administration staff to work with such poor coverage. The Museum reached out to a Powertec installer for a solution to improve Vodafone coverage within the building.

The Solution

Improving signal was simple for Powertec’s installer. Due to the Museum’s building restrictions, an alternative solution was needed to position the donor antenna. A Blackhawk wall-mount, panel antenna has been installed in a window frame with best line-of-sight to the nearest Vodafone cellular tower. This antenna will capture the signal from the tower and send to the CEL-FI GO unit.

One CEL-FI GO was installed discretely, mounted to the ceiling and connected to two Blackhawk ceiling dome antennas. These ceiling dome antennas were installed, approximately 30 metres apart in the administration offices at the Museum to maximise the disbursement of the boosted signal to all staff in the area.

Products used in this installation:

  • CEL-FI GO for Vodafone
  • Three-way splitter
  • 2x Blackhawk ceiling dome antennas
  • 1x Blackhawk wall mount panel antenna

The Results

This GO Stationary installation has completely eliminated all missed calls and dropouts, making communication with external customers and internal staff more efficient. The Museum now has much needed cellular coverage in the administration offices, ensuring workers health and safety. Using the CEL-FI WAVE App the installers were able to determine the best location for the CEL-FI GO set-up. The staff at the museum can also download the app to monitor the solution.

  • Improved 3G/4G/4G voice and data
  • Indoor/Outdoor IP54 rated
  • Flexible and cost-effective

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