Connecting Symbion’s warehouse


• The warehouse did not have any mobile coverage internally
• An area of 8,000sqm needed to be covered by signal

Products Used:
• Omni Antenna
• Ceiling Antennas

The combination of products used effectively minimizes the impact of the concrete building. Providing coverage for all tenants enabling them to do business.

Business Profile

As a market-leading business, Symbion is committed to investing in the world’s best technologies, to increase efficiency for its customers and respond to the future demands of Australia’s healthcare landscape.

The company has 10 warehouses located around Australia which coordinate daily deliveries and house over 17,000 product lines from more than 540 manufacturing partners.


Not long after Symbion’s pharmaceutical warehouse re-located to Western Sydney, communication issues were quickly identified by employees. The office manager and staff would need to walk the length of the warehouse to relay messages (up to five minutes in on direction).

This Symbion warehouse belongs to of one of the largest logistics networks across Australia, delivering up to 350,000 products per week on a national basis. During the construction of the new Symbion Warehouse complex, cellular connectivity had been an oversight in the original planning. This left employees unable to contact each other from within the building and as a result, caused immeasurable damage to productivity.

The Solution

The CEL-FI GO product was selected for its capability to distribute 3G/4G/4G LTE/4GX mobile signal within a building. Once installed a single unit can provide up to 900m2 of coverage.

Paired with an external antenna and the internal dome antennas the CEL-FI GO unites are now providing an improved signal.

The Result

The CEL-FI GO installation was a great success, providing signal coverage across all areas of the warehouse. The warehouse now receives a permanent mobile signal. This solution has dramatically improved productivity as well as workplace health and safety for the Symbion warehouse workers. The office manager and staff can now easily make and receive calls. The improved signal also means that communication with delivery drivers and other external partners is simple and efficient.

  • Deployed within hours
  • Penetrated steel, concrete, and glass panes
  • Achieved strong indoor 4G signal

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