Cellular coverage to remote farm

Walking Woods Farm is located in Fayettville, Texas and owned by Paul Holzer


Walking Woods Farm wanted interior and exterior AT&T cellular coverage by their barns and front porch.


• LTE signal at the farm
• Desired coverage area
• Happy customers able to stream videos


Walking Woods Farm is located in a rural area of Texas. They wanted exterior AT&T cellular coverage by their barns and front porch, and of course inside the buildings as well.

The Solution

Walking Woods called the integrator Signal Stars to help. Signal Stars assessed the situation and decided to use the CEL-FI GO X. They erected a 33 foot mobile antenna mast with Ventev 698-2700 MHz Directional Antenna as the Donor and Server antenna. CEL-FI GO’s NEMA 4 enclosure was perfect to withstand the outdoor elements, and the industry leading 100dB gain made it a perfect match for a rural location that suffered from poor coverage. The job was completed
within hours.

The Results

The RSRP -88dB after turning on the CEL-FI GO X, and RSRP -90dB at the Donor. Signal Stars successfully proved that we could access LTE signal at their farm starting at 20 feet above ground level, with the best quality at the maximum antenna mast height of 33 feet. CEL-FI GO X was able to broadcast the boosted cellular signal 50 to 75 feet from the antenna location to the desired coverage area. Afterward, there were four people on the porch simultaneously watching streamed videos, which did not ever seem like a possibility for even one person prior to CEL-FI GO X.

  • Achieved strong a 3G and 4G signal
  • Enhances RV Park bookings
  • Quick and affordable fix

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