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Improving mobile cellualr coverage


Keeping up with school work while on the road

CEL-FI GO M, for students on the go

• Fast and easy installation
• Able to complete online school work without interruption
• Trips no longer need to be planned around spotty Wi-Fi Coverage

The Challenge

Sara and Adam decided to create an experience of a lifetime; by taking a year-long, cross-country tour of the United States in an RV with their children. At nine and seven-years-old, the children are not yet bogged down with the responsibilities and expectations of older students, making it an ideal time to embark on this journey.

They were able to work remotely, but needed the ability to connect to the internet for work and their children’s education. With their flexible schedule, it’s not always possible to predict when and where Sara and Adam will be able to stop and access Wi-Fi to help their children complete their lessons and homework online. To maintain some semblance of routine for the children, they need reliable cellular coverage for the majority of their trip.

The Solution

The customer shopped online via a PowerTec partner and found that the CEL-FI GO M smart signal booster was available for their carrier (solutions also are available in the United States and 100 countries across 200 carriers).

The solution is the only carrier-grade booster product available to the market, delivering up to 100 dB of gain while parked in Stationary Mode, which is 1000x greater than the illegal repeaters found in many markets. This is the only dual-mode product that can switch to Mobile Mode and functions a mobile booster. CEL-FI products are also network safe, and provide no interference.

The Results

Sara and Adam purchased the CEL-FI GO M Smart Signal Booster from a PowerTec online partner. After installing it quickly and easily, they sat back and let the product do the rest. CEL-FI GO M automatically locks into their carrier’s 3G and 4G LTE network, and kicks in when the signal strength gets low. As a result, Sara and Adam can help their children complete their online school work without interruption, even when driving through valleys or other terrain that traditionally interferes with signal strength.

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  • Support different lifestyle choices
  • Keep up with educational needs
  • Trips no longer need to be planned around spotty Wi-Fi Coverage

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This CEL-FI installation was undertaken by our partners, in which CEL-FI has a global footprint in almost 100 countries. For a referral to a local expert in your area, please contact us via phone or email.