Solving cellular for rural police outposts


Rural police outposts and stations lack reliable cellular coverage in brick and cement buildings in remote regions

CEL-FI GO X Carrier-Grade Smart Signal Booster with up to 100 dB in Mobile Mode (1000x more powerful than BDA Repeaters)


  • Police officers at the station are able to get cellular coverage
    Available for all US Carriers (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, US Cellular, and FirstNET)
  • Cost-effective to purchase and install

The Challenge

The manager of IT and Business Systems for a federal law enforcement agency in the U.S. Southwest. This includes all officers and their outposts in large rural areas within the surrounding counties and the vehicles that they use. The IT manager must ensure that officers have the necessary technology to do their jobs from various locations – in varying conditions – across a very wide distance.  The IT manager deployed the CEL-FI GO M successfully in patrol vehicles, but also need to solve cellular coverage challenges at the outposts and stations.

These rural outposts were built with industrial materials to withstand harsh winds and desert conditions, which eliminated cellular connectivity in most of the station outposts.  Officers need to use their cell phones all of the time, and had to resort to going outside in many cases.  The IT manager learns about the CEL-FI GO X Smart Signal Booster from the agency’s systems integrator for the AT&T network.

The Solution

CEL-FI GO X and GO RED are NEMA 4 rated weather resistant, making it ideal for usage by the agency in areas where cellular service is poor. However, the IT Manager is unsure about the product’s ability to withstand the strong winds and dusty conditions at one patrol station, but she’s willing to give it a try.

The solution is the only carrier-grade booster product available to the market, delivering up to 100 dB of gain, which is 1000x greater than the illegal repeaters found in many markets.  This product is the only carrier-grade product that is available for any US Carrier, and can cover up to 15,000 Sq. Ft per unit and carrier.  CEL-FI products are also network safe, and provide no interference.

The Results

The system integrator arrived on site and installs a directional Yagi antenna as the donor, followed by a directional panel as the server and for the CEL-FI GO unit in each patrol station across the region. Once the systems are turned on, patrol officers at the station their phones and notice, for the first time, several bars of signal. The IT manager has since overseen the deployment of CEL-FI GO at four different patrol stations and several vehicles  Because it is so cost-effective to purchase and install, the IT manager is reaching out to other law enforcement teams that may be experiencing coverage issues in an effort to proactively solve their coverage needs.

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  • Solves indoor cellular coverage needs
  • Cost-effective to purchase and install
  • Achieved reliable coverage for the first time

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