Cel-Fi QUATRA 1000

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Cel-Fi QUATRA 1000

Single-Carrier Hybrid Active DAS for 3G/4G/5G Voice and Data.

Available globally

Product Description

Cel-Fi QUATRA 1000 is an affordable, all-digital active DAS hybrid solution that provides uniform, high quality cellular signal throughout any building. This industry-leading system is also carrier approved and guaranteed network safe.

Unlike older analog boosters and passive DAS technology, Cel-Fi QUATRA delivers a cellular signal that is up to 1000x stronger. The system utilizes Cat5e cabling for RF and Power over Ethernet, with no signal attenuation to the Coverage Unit (CU) embedded service antennas. In addition to being the most powerful solution on the market, QUATRA is cost-effective and designed to be installed within days (compared to months typical of other solutions).


Key Features

  • Up to 100 dB Active DAS Hybrid (1000x Stronger)
  • Single Carrier Solution
  • 3G / 4G / 5G for Voice and Data
  • Carrier-Approved and Unconditionally Network Safe
  • Scalable All-Digital PoE Cat5e Solution for Middleprise
  • Remote Monitoring and Management via WAVE Platform
  • Up to 50,000 sq. ft. per NU
  • Supercell Mode
  • 4 CU’s per NU

Cel-Fi QUATRA 1000 Newtork Unit (NU)

The QUATRA Network Unit (NU) is the hub of the system. The scalable design works with one to four Coverage Units to provide up to 50,000 ft2 (5,000 m2) of coverage.


  • Provides a donor signal to the QUATRA system
  • Provides power to the Coverage Units (up to four)
  • Connects to the Cel-Fi WAVE cloud platform for remote monitoring and management
  • QUATRA 1000 only supports a single carrier MIMO
  • Multiple QUATRA 1000 units can be deployed for a multi-carrier solution (for additional carrier support, see QUATRA 2000 and QUATRA 4000)


Cel-Fi QUATRA 1000 Coverage Unit (CU)

The Cel-Fi QUATRA Coverage Unit (CU) is the remote unit of the system that rebroadcasts the donor signal. The cost-efficient and easy-to-deploy system leverages Power-Over-Ethernet (POE) for up to four CUs.


  • Provides coverage for the QUATRA system (up to four per Network Unit)
  • Power is delivered by Power-Over-Ethernet from the Network Unit
  • Self-configuring and self-optimizing
  • Note: QUATRA 1000 CU’s are only compatible with QUATRA 1000 NU’s


Cel-Fi QUATRA Range Extender

The Cel-Fi QUATRA Range Extender (QRE) is a Power over Ethernet (PoE) device that extends the maximum distance between the Cel-Fi QUATRA Network Unit and the Coverage Unit.


Cel-Fi QUATRA Fiber Range Extender

The QUATRA Fiber Range Extender increases the distance between the Network Unit and the Coverage Unit up to 2 kilometers.


Cel-Fi QUATRA Small Cell Interface

A Small Cell Interface (SCIF) may be used as the donor source for the QUATRA 1000. The SCIF simplifies RF connections between a small cell and Network Units.


LPDA-R Antenna

The Cel-Fi LPDA-R Antenna offers a powerful 12 to 14 dBi gain (depending on carrier frequency) over 617–4000 MHz and is designed to reduce out of band noise, to improve SiNR and overall signal quality. Simple mounting with included U-Bolts.


Indoor Omni Dome Antenna

The Cel-Fi Indoor Omni Antenna receives and transmits signal in a 360° pattern and are compatible with the 698 – 2700 MHz frequency ranges that include 3G and 4G signals.

QUATRA 1000 and accessories
QUATRA 1000 installation diagram
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