Wireless Solutions Applies Creativity to a CEL-FI Application



For anyone interested in CEL-FI applications, our reseller channel is a rich source of stories. While a vast majority of installations go without a hitch thanks to the advanced technology built into CEL-FI that makes it plug-and-play, there are rare situations where they need to apply some creative thinking to get things to work.

Take Wireless Solutions, a Canadian CEL-FI reseller. Barry Campbell says he had a customer in a rural region that simply wasn’t getting the signal strength he needed, even with a CEL-FI.

Barry suggested an inexpensive yagi (i.e., beam) antenna to amplify the signal and increase the gain. “We’ve seen this plenty of times in remote areas,” he says. “But the addition of a yagi usually does the trick.”

While CEL-FI is design typically does not require external antennas and cabling, the reality is, we don’t live in a perfect world. In some areas signals aren’t just weak, they are actually blocked by circumstances beyond our control such as hills, trees, or cliffs.

So before giving up on a CEL-FI in a remote region, talk to an expert. They will likely have a simple solution that will get your signal strength up to where it should be.

An important item of note: the shipping and installation of external connecting solutions must meet the approval guidelines put in place by your regulator (e.g., the FCC in the U.S., ACMA in Australia, OFCOM in the U.K., and the Industry Canada), which can differ slightly from country to country. Our support team or your reseller can definitely help you with that.

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By the CEL-FI Team


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