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Anyone installing an in-building cellular coverage solution knows that a lack of proper planning can hold up the process. A site walk can determine which mounting bracket to use, or exactly how many antennas are needed. Planning your solution component list helps you optimize labor time eliminate multiple trips to install.

Here’s a quick primer list of CEL-FI QUATRA materials needed, outside of the Network Unit and Coverage Unit, to build your scalable solution:

  • CEL-FI WAVE – This cloud-based app allows for provisioning and ongoing monitoring of systems. You will need CEL-FI WAVE portal access approval, prior to site installation.
  • CEL-FI Small Cell Interface (SCIF) – If connecting CEL-FI QUATRA to a small cell, you will need to use an SCIF. This ensures proper signal attenuation and isolation, and is the only way to connect to the Network Unit.
  • CEL-FI MIMO Panel Antenna – If connecting off-air, CEL-FI QUATRA systems are certified to be used with this indoor/outdoor external antenna.
  • Coax cabling – You will need coax cabling if you are connecting the system to an external antenna.
  • Category cabling – You will need Ethernet lines to connect the Network and Coverage Units. These must be dedicated lines, and not go through a switch.
  • CEL-FI Range Extender – When connecting over longer distances (i.e. more than 100 meters), you will also need this proprietary device to extend an additional 100 meters.
  • CEL-FI antenna mount – An eight-position mount optimizes overall signal performance by identifying the best signal direction and quality.
  • Mounting plates and screws – Seems simple enough, but it’s always worth double checking that you have enough on hand.

For more tips, review our CEL-FI QUATRA white paper. Or contact one of our distribution partners.


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