Tablets Taking Quantum Leaps in Cellular Connectivity



Things are getting better and better for mobile operators these days.

According to the latest stats from the NPD Group cited in a recent eWEEK report, the use of tablets on cellular networks in the US last quarter of 2014 increased 95% from the same quarter a year ago to the tune of 16 million users.

This leads to a couple of thoughts on what these numbers signify. While 16 million may be a relatively small number when you consider that there are 100 million Wi-Fi tablets; the numbers clearly indicate a growing interest in cellular-enabled tablets as the go-to version of choice.

It also means mobile operators have a great marketing proposition they can offer customers. The numbers are becoming significant enough for providers to consider developing special programs or discounted bundles to offer promotional rates for adding tablets to new or existing cellular plans. The key will be making offerings appealing and cost-competitive enough to convert hard-core Wi-Fi tablet users into mobile believers. (Advantages such as ubiquitous access, performance, and flexibility come to mind.)

Last but not least, growing numbers will mean more demand than ever for rock solid indoor coverage. And that’s where CEL-FI can play its part in building a compelling business case for cellular use of tablets.

What’s your preferred network of choice for your tablet – Wi-Fi or cellular?

By the CEL-FI Team


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