How Much has your Smartphone Replaced TV Time?



Parents, educators, and advertisers might not be thrilled about this one, but it’s a fact – more people are spending time staring at their phones than their TVs.

So here are the numbers as reported by a November BusinessWeek article: In Q4 2014 people are spending an average of 2 hours and 57 minutes a day on their smartphone or tablet (info courtesy of digital analytics firm Flurry which is owned by Yahoo). This is beyond the time spent looking at television screens, which is 2 hours and 48 minutes a day to be exact (source: Bureau of Labor Statistics).

This is actually the first time mobile has ever surpassed television.

So what does this all mean beyond the fact that eyes are more glued than ever on mobile devices? Well, advertisers and marketers will continue rethinking their approaches.

And mobile operators for their part will be under increasing pressure to deliver always-on connectivity, including indoor coverage.

Which is of course where CEL-FI fits smart signal booster fits in very nicely because it may be what you need to get uninterrupted indoor coverage (no dropped calls/no dead zones). So not to worry. There are always ways to make sure you get your 3.5 hours of screen time in…

How much are your mobile devices replacing television time?

By Werner Sievers, CEO



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