How to Relieve Stress when Traveling with your Smartphone



It seems that people are suffering from a newer form of separation anxiety – although it’s isn’t a surprising one. A new study from the International Journal of Information and Communication Technology reports that the more we rely on our smartphones, the more anxiety we feel if we lose that connection when traveling.

Anyone who has traveled has been there: that moment of panic when you’re in a dead zone and can’t connect with your home or office. That anxiety can hit you within minutes, or in some cases seconds.

These days, a lost connection means not being able to confirm your hotel or travel arrangements, rent a car, get a cab, or find your way to your destination. Not to mention sharing your thoughts and photos on social media or checking in with the office, clients, or loved ones.

Not long ago, that wouldn’t have been a huge deal. We would have stood in line to talk to a person at a counter, picked up a local map and worked out our route for the day, posted photos a few hours after an event, or simply asked a passer-by for help. We might have even gone so far as to write down important details in a calendar just to make sure we didn’t lose vital information.

But those days are long gone as travelers rely on their smartphones for everything from airport check-ins to ordering meals and even emailing while in flight.

So in an effort to help relieve the potential for anxiety, I’m passing along this handy roundup by Business Insider of the best free travel apps for 2016 that covers all sorts of nifty ideas, from passport renewals to packing to pre-ordering meals at an airport.

Hopefully at least one of these will help you rest a bit easier on your travels.




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