Options for SMB customers with poor cellular connections in the office.


The odds are pretty good that a business customer has asked about help for a problem with the cellular reception inside their building

Dropped calls and/or poor voice quality can happen in any room, in any size building – the boardroom, the sales office, hallways, elevators and storage areas. It is not uncommon to have bad coverage in places you would expect it to be good, such as the edge of a building with glass sides.

There may be physical and environmental issues that impact cellular coverage. Depending on the business location (e.g. in a low-lying area surrounded by hills or in a remote region), workers may not be able to get any kind of reliable signal at all. Building materials could also interfere with cellular transmissions. Treatment rooms in hospitals or industrial zones often block or interfere with in-building signals. Some environmentally friendly techniques to reduce energy costs in a building also can adversely affect cellular performance.

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