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Many people ponder the whole notion of high-tech retail and all that’s involved from a mobile point of view. Whether it’s wayfinding, payment processing, or proximity sensors that tell consumers what’s on sale when they enter a store, the mobile phone is becoming the epicenter of retail activities.

There are some surprising new developments that are taking retail to the next level. This CNET article looks at the latest forays into virtual reality and in-store smart technology as a means to deliver more memorable shopping experiences. Examples includes virtual reality headsets that let customers browse high-end merchandise and experiences, and sensors that track shoppers so stores can target them with appropriate merchandise offerings.

Mobile is no longer just another channel, according to this adexchanger article by Rajiv Maheshwari, Mobile Technology Leader for Neustar. It has become the hub of many retail activities, and as such deserves “individual attention and strategic focus” beyond display advertising and social networking. Why is that? The article points to Internet Retailer Magazine’s newly published 2016 Mobile 500 report that says mobile commerce represents 30% of all US ecommerce, with sales increasing by 38.7% over 2014. One particular item of interest is that mobile makes up more than 70% of traffic to

Of course it’s not just retail shopping that is putting the mobile phone at the center of our universe. Mobile phones are now wallets, media players, gaming systems, books and payment devices. They can track fitness or present the world in augmented (AR) and/or virtual reality (VR). Appliances, home systems, and cars can all be managed by phones. And the list goes on.

Are mobile phones becoming the center of your universe?

By the CEL-FI Team


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