Mercedes Me Connected Car App a Digital Leap Forward



Mercedes-Benz recently announced a new connected car app called Mercedes Me. Developed in partnership with Pivotal, the app is touted to be the first of its kind. As this Luxury Daily article reports, it’s the “first step in a new era of digital transformation for the automaker and its industry.”

So what’s so special about Mercedes Me? The main thing is the driver can use an iPhone or AppleWatch to monitor their car’s vitals and temperatures from a distance, as well as lock and unlock a door from further away than a remote-operated key. According to spokespeople in the know, this will represent a competitive differentiator that will attract auto enthusiasts and make the car a valued collector’s item. It will also get people to where they want to go in a more economical and environmentally friendly manner, they claim.

But that’s only the tip of the proverbial iceberg if all goes according to plan. This app is an early stage innovation for the company’s grand mission to introduce emissions-free and autonomous vehicles as early as 2020.

Mercedes Me is one road trip that’s definitely worth keeping an eye on.

Do you think Mercedes has enough traction to meet its 2020 goal?

By the CEL-FI Team


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