Kansas University Taking Landlines Off the Curriculum



Universities aren’t always the most progressive when it comes to technology adoption. But one place where they tend to excel is their internet infrastructures, given that ubiquitous access is a veritable lifeline for students and faculty. Kansas University is now taking the last step in its communications plan, announcing it will replace traditional phone service with Skype for Business in two years.

Once completed, KU will become a completely landline free campus. It makes perfect sense given that the university’s landline calls are down 55% since 2008. But as with any transition, it’s not as easy as one might think. An IT spokesperson at the university says they’re only one year into the switchover, and expects that it will take another two years to complete.

Ditching landlines the latest thing

This is yet another example of how landlines are losing ground to more convenient – and in some cases less costly – alternatives. We’re already seeing plenty of movement on the residential side. And we can expect to see plenty more on the enterprise and campus side of things as both internet and cellular coverage options continue to improve, whether we’re talking Skype or LTE (one subject area where CEL-FI can definitely add value). They’re all means to the same end.




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