IoT on the Home Front at CES



The connected home is something that’s been simmering for some time, but a quick look at the innovations at last week’s International Consumer Electronics Show by some CEL-FI team members reinforces that the Internet of Things (IoT) inside the home is not just about appliances, doorbells and security systems. There’s a great write up from Molly Wood for the New York Times “The Internet of Things Hits Homes” that provides a roundup of what people expected to see – and what took them by surprise.

So what about IoT was causing the excitement this year? Well, the audience was keen on a Wi-Fi connected ceiling fan, automated door locks, light switches and LED bulbs. But there were also some interesting offshoots that seem to seem to defy logic.

The writer highlights some “head scratching” collaborations that include wristbands that let you control devices with arm gestures; workout clothing that will let trainers monitor athletes remotely; and GPS-enabled pet trackers that will report your pet’s location and even their temperature.

While security continues to be one of the key issues around IoT at home or in cars, we’re not exactly sure what hackers would do with your puppy’s vital signs…

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Did you attend CES? What was the most promising IoT solution you came across?

By the CEL-FI Team


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