Internet Access Via Mobile Overtakes Desktop



It was only a matter of time before Internet access via mobile outstripped other channels. New numbers from eMarketer spell things out pretty clearly. Such as the fact that more than 60% of North Americans are accessing the Internet via their mobile phones in 2015; and now spend 51% of their digital media time on mobile compared to 42% on their desktop. In three years, that number is expected to reach 70%

That’s not surprising given that in Canada and the U.S. more than 70% of mobile users (representing about 80% of the total population) own a smartphone..

As the article points out, other studies are showing similar smartphone usage trends. For example, 7% of adult smartphone users and 15% of younger users are “smartphone dependent” – as in, their mobile device is their only access to broadband Internet.

There are many things that will come with this move to mobile. Not the least of which is a decided shift in terms of where ad dollars will be spent. Mobile advertising has already grown by 59% this year alone, which is well ahead of projections. This encompasses display advertising (including banners, rich media, sponsorship and video), as well as search ads, text messaging, SMS, classifieds, email and lead generation.

So what’s your go-to channel for Internet access – is it your mobile phone or other channels?

By Werner Sievers, CEO


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