The Philippines Cracking Down on Illegal Boosters



We always love to hear when service providers have our back – and the interests of the public as well of course. Globe Telecom in the Philippines is doing its part by publicizing eight cases of illegal use of signal boosters or repeaters. It’s all part of their campaign to stamp out signal interference from boosters that don’t have permits from the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC).

Simply put, boosters that are not approved by the NTC are illegal. These illegal repeaters (in the form of indoor or outdoor antennas and wireless adapters) can interfere with a carrier’s mobile network, leading to dropped calls, poor quality and weak signals – not only for those using the illegal devices, but also for those in close proximity to them. That’s because these types of repeaters literally steal coverage from a legitimate network.

As providers rely on top-notch signal quality for their competitive survival, it’s no wonder they are up in arms.

But here’s the good part. Nextivity has been selling NTC-approved CEL-FI products to Globe Telecom for six years, which means they have stuck with us through three generations or product offerings. It’s good to know that as a regulator and carrier approved smart signal booster, CEL-FI is playing a part in helping providers fight the good fight on behalf of their consumers.

Do you know if your booster is approved for use or not? We can help.


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