How to Boost your Cell Phone Signal at Home



Boost Home Signal

While everyone assumes that cellular coverage should be good wherever they live, that’s not always the case. There are plenty of cell phones users out there who complain about losing calls while moving about the home; and plenty of others that move into a new neighbourhood only to find that the signal from a cell tower isn’t powerful enough to properly service the area.

Some regions are just too remote to catch a strong signal. The same problems can come up with vacation properties, where owners – and guests – often rely solely on cellular services to keep in touch.

Nextivity has long been providing award-winning solutions to help customers get the best indoor coverage signal they can get. If you’re a T-Mobile subscriber, there’s the Cel-Fi DUO; for AT&T subscribers the Cel-Fi PRO is the one to choose; and for Verizon subscribers, there’s the recently launched Cel-Fi DUO+. Whatever the choice, Cel-Fi is so simple to install, anyone can do it in a matter of minutes.

You start by finding where in your home the cellular signal is strongest. Even if you can only come up with a single bar (or circle) of signal, that’s enough for Cel-Fi to do its work and get you the cellular coverage you need. Simply plug your network unit into a power outlet near this spot. Then take the coverage unit and plug it in where you need better coverage in your home. That’s it. No need for cables (it’s wireless). No need for configuration (the system does it automatically). It’s true plug and play.

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