Cel-Fi Ready to Give it a GO in Australia




Cel-Fi is giving a whole new meaning to mobile coverage with the launch of the award-winning Cel-Fi GO, our first Smart Signal Booster® specifically designed for vehicle and marine applications. Cel-Fi GO has now been approved for use in Australia and is ready to take on the market, thanks to the efforts of Powertec Communications, our master distributor in that region.

And it goes without saying that Cel-Fi GO offers all the great reliability, performance, and ease of use you’ve come to expect of our smart signal booster. Plus, Cel-Fi GO is available in two versions: Cel-Fi GO Mobile for nomadic usage; and, Cel-Fi GO Stationary for fixed applications. Cel-Fi GO products are environmentally rated at IP-54, and can be used in automotive, marine, outdoor, and in-building installations.

Cel-Fi GO Mobile addresses the challenges of poor coverage in vehicles by using a number of patented algorithms to amplify cellular signals up to 70dB (100x more than traditional amplifiers). Cel-Fi GO Mobile maintains cellular service dynamically and seamlessly from tower to tower, adapting to the moving environment and ensuring that 3G / 4G / LTE performance is never compromised – even at high speeds. The smart signal booster is perfect for those remote areas where dead zones are commonplace.

Cel‐Fi GO Stationary uses the indoor / outdoor rated design to improve cellular coverage in industrial applications where significant RF obstacles impede a cell phone signal. Cel-Fi GO Stationary provides the industry’s highest levels of system gain at 100dB, while guaranteeing unconditional network safety. Coupled with antennas and the Cel-Fi WAVE smartphone app, Cel-Fi GO Stationary is the ideal solution to resolve the toughest coverage challenges.

Cel-Fi GO is being launched in Australia by Powertec, for approved use exclusively on the Telstra network. Want to hear more about Cel-Fi GO or our other smart signal boosters? We’re happy to fill you in.



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