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The numbers just keep on growing. Cisco has issued its latest Visual Networking Index (VNI) Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast update and not surprisingly mobile traffic is staying on its upward trajectory.

So what did Cisco have to say this time around? Here are just a few of many highlights to be found in the report:

1. Global mobile data traffic grew 69% in 2014 reaching 2.5 exabytes per month (up from 1.5 exabytes at the end of 2013).

2. Last year’s mobile data traffic at 30 exabytes of traffic was nearly 30 times the size of the entire global Internet in 2000.

3. Mobile video traffic exceeded 50% of total mobile data traffic for the first time in 2012. In 2014 that number reached 55%.

4. Almost half a billion mobile devices and connections were added in 2014. Smartphones accounted for 88% of that growth.

5. On average a smart device generated 22 times more traffic than a non-smart device.

6. Mobile network connection speeds grew 20%.

7. A 4G connection generated 10 times more traffic on average than a non-4G connection.

And what about the future? Cisco predicts that monthly global mobile data traffic will surpass 24.3 exabytes by 2019; and that smartphones will account for three-quarters of mobile data traffic. And while 4G (LTE) only accounts for 6% of traffic in 2014, it will make up more than half of the total mobile traffic by 2017.

We like these numbers simply because our CEL-FI PRO and CEL-FI DUO are already armed and ready with the technology to take on the significant market growth that Cisco is predicting. It’s always nice when numbers like these reinforce that we’re on the right track.

Were there any numbers in the Cisco report that surprised you?

By Werner Sievers, CEO


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