Ericsson Sets Out to Improve LTE Network Efficiency with “Lean Carrier” Tech



It only makes sense that operators want to get their best bang for their LTE buck as they prepare for 5G. Ericsson has its own plans to help operators, as you can see in this announcement reported by FierceWireless about the company’s LTE Lean carrier innovation. The claim is that Ericsson’s technology will bring the benefits of 5G to LTE networks today; and is already running live in South Korea’s SK Telecom’s (SKT) network.

There’s a list of claims that go with it such as: users will see up to a 50% increase in downlink data speed, with a network average increase of about 10%. Ericsson also claims to be the first to address inter-cell signaling interference. Not surprisingly, there’s a fair bit of technical underpinnings that go with the “Lean Carrier” model, so if you’re interested, you can check out Ericsson’s explanation of how it all works here. If you prefer to watch to a subject matter expert on the topic, here’s a video with Eric Parsons, Head of Mobile Broadband Business Unit Radio from Ericsson:

Is your LTE service up to speed these days or could it use some help?

By the CEL-FI Team


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