Consumers Calling the Shots on Cellular Coverage for Work and Play



There are those that say that home life and work life shouldn’t mix. But consumers beg to differ it seems when it comes to indoor cellular coverage.

This article about a November 2014 YouGov survey commissioned by SpiderCloud Wireless Inc. (provider of small cell Enterprise Radio Access Network – aka E-RAN – systems) spells it out loud and clear.

It’s always been a given that consumers don’t have to think twice about switching providers if their cellular coverage at home isn’t up to their exacting standards. But 74% of people surveyed also said they would be willing to change mobile operators to get better coverage at their office.

Here’s how it breaks down: 38% of all respondents said they would switch to achieve better coverage and reception inside their office buildings. Another 36% were on the fence but would potentially be open to moving to another operator if they offered better indoor cellular coverage.

This is something us CEL-FI folks have known for a long time. Indoor coverage is not just about whether you can stream the latest television content on your cell phone while at home. It also has priority status on a company’s mission critical checklist.

Those mobile operators that are on board with smart signal booster programs stand to reap considerable benefits given how many consumers are now choosing their providers based on in-building coverage capabilities at the office as well as home.

Business owners might also be interested to know that 40% of people said they would be happier and more productive if cellular coverage was improved at their office. All the more reason for businesses to consider investing in a smart signal booster or two to ensure optimal cellular coverage within their office environment. A small price to pay for a large return.

Where do you get the best coverage: your home or office?

By the CEL-FI Team


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