CEL-FI Solves Another Challenging Indoor Coverage Issue



We recently received this customer testimonial from our distribution partners at Novotech in Ottawa which we wanted to pass along.

Here’s some background for you… A husband and wife are Certified Professional Yacht Brokers with the North South Nautical Group. They work from a home office in British Columbia, but have never been able to rely on their cell phones for business use unless they stood outside or at a window. Novotech came up with the idea of installing a CEL-FI PRO smart signal booster.

The results? We’ll let the customer speak for themselves: “I installed our new CEL-FI units yesterday with the Network Unit near a window on the main floor and the Coverage Unit in the basement in our office. I had just finished the installation, literally “plug & play” and had not even had a chance to move around my desk when my cell phone rang with a client call from British Columbia. The call was clear with no issues. Shortly afterwards I returned that call from my desk with equally good results.”

How’s that for results in an instant?

Do you have a CEL-FI story to tell? We’re always ready and willing to listen to customer feedback.

By the CEL-FI Team


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