Cellular Connectivity with Your Car Will be More Important than Ever


IOT cars

The connected car has been a front and center attraction at just about every electronics or auto show these days. From in-car Wi-Fi services to remote starting, there’s no question that the connected car is going to be an interesting ride for technology lovers and app-friendly consumers.

One thing that many people don’t always think about is that when it comes to remote apps – including starting or locking/unlocking your car with your mobile phone – cellular signals have to be strong enough to get those motors running. While Wi-Fi may do the trick in some circumstances, there are many non Wi-Fi areas your car may end up, whether it’s your own garage, cruising a city street, or in a parking lot.

You don’t have to take my word for it. AT&T is investing heavily in its network as part of its IoT/smart city directive (which happens to include connected cars). Then there’s the argument that cars in the future will have their own cell service, to fill the need for mapping data for autonomous cars, as well as improve access to emergency services through services like GM’s OnStar and fuel gauge reporting, etc.

In fact we’re taking this seriously enough to devote time and effort into ensuring Cel-Fi is ready and able to address mobile vehicle market applications. More on that one later…

Do you use remote apps for your vehicle? Tell us what you think.

By Werner Sievers, CEO


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