CEL-FI PRO Solves In-Building Dead Zones for Medical Technology Company


A global company with production, warehousing, and sales offices around the world transitioned its cellular service from 3G to LTE at one of its largest industrial locations. In addition to the service switchover, the carrier providing cellular service to this company repositioned its antennas by 20 degrees, which resulted in coverage holes in three office areas.

The company’s IT manager looked at microcells but they weren’t a fit for the new infrastructure. Metrocells were too expensive (at a cost of $5,000 each) and would take at least six months before they were available. In speaking to a previous colleague, the manager learned about the CEL-FI PRO smart signal booster, a cost-effective solution which is designed to fill cellular coverage holes in areas up to 13,000 sq. ft.

Before committing to make a purchase, the manager borrowed a system to test at home. He quickly discovered it was the right solution for the job and ordered two CEL-FI PRO systems. The systems are comprised of one Network Unit (for drawing the signal from the closest tower) and one Coverage Unit (for boosting the signal throughout the facility).

After 30 minutes of installation time for both systems, employees were able to use their cellphones in all areas of the building, and operations teams were able to carry on producing and delivering their life-saving technology without interruption.



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