CEL-FI GO M Delivers Cellular Coverage for People on the Move




The great thing about the award-winning technology behind our CEL-FI Smart Signal Booster is that there are so many different ways it can be applied. For example, providing reliable cellular coverage while on the go!

Say hello to the new CEL-FI GO M smart signal booster, our mobile multi-user cellular coverage solution (for 3G / 4G / LTE) that offers all the benefits of our CEL-FI technology, but this time it’s for people on the move – literally. Whether you’re on a boat, driving a service vehicle such as a bus or utility van, in an RV exploring the country, or a sales rep in your car en route to your next meeting, CEL-FI GO M can ensure you get consistent coverage – even in harsh terrain, poor weather, or in outdoor environments where there is dust, wind, or water thanks to its NEMA 4 rating.

Of course, it’s not just climate and mountains that can stand in your way while on the move. Even in a well-covered area with cellular towers in plain sight, signals can have trouble penetrating vehicle surfaces so you can easily experience lapses in service or dropped calls. That’s not a good thing when so many nomads out there rely on consistent cellular communications to transmit and receive data.

There are plenty of features that go with CEL-FI GO M. Here are just a few of the many technical highlights of interest:

  • It delivers maximum quality and uptime for both voice and data
  • It delivers 100x better signal than any other mobile booster on the market
  • It boosts the signal for multiple cellular users simultaneously throughout the entire vehicle, RV or boat (not just for a single cell phone cradled within 6 inches of the booster)
  • It’s available for use on multiple carrier networks
  • It’s built on award-winning CEL-FI Smart Signal Booster technology
  • It’s guaranteed network safe (won’t interfere with the carrier network or other devices)
  • Installation is as easy as it gets – one of our resellers or even a DIY enthusiast can set it up

Of course there are plenty of other great features to this product. For pricing and availability details, contact your nearest CEL-FI distributor or reseller.



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