Things are Accelerating in the Automotive World



The connected car started out as a technology reserved for select higher end models. But lo and behold, General Motors has dived into the pool with an announcement at the recent Code Conference 2015 that it will offer Android and Apple CarPlay compatibility in more models than any other automotive brand in 2016.

GM is not the first mainstream automaker to strike a relationship with Apple and Android (Hyundai was the first to launch Android Auto in its production line). But it appears to be the most aggressive in pushing it into the mainstream with plans to bring dashboard operating systems to 14 different car models. This announcement makes it the first U.S. automaker to integrate software at this scale.

As this article notes, it was only a year ago GM announced it was bringing in-vehicle LTE to 30 of its cars in partnership with OnStar and AT&T. GM was also the first to introduce Siri’s “Eyes Free” functionality.

What will be the most interesting to see are the auto sales numbers once this functionality hits Main Street. We can all be sure that the whole industry will be watching how much ubiquitous connectivity will tip the scales for new car buyers… as will we.

Tell us your thoughts. How important will connectivity be when making a new car purchase?

By Werner Sievers, CEO


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