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We love industry research as much as anyone in this fast growing mobile industry. It goes without saying that we all use facts and figures to showcase market demand, highlight new trends, and of course, to reinforce that we’re headed in the right direction. One thing we have all come to appreciate about research data is that we can look at numbers from different angles and highlight what we think would be of the greatest interest to our audience.

So we thought it would be an interesting exercise to take a quick look at how different publications/organizations present the same (or similar) data. Here’s an example around smartphone sales data.

This infographic published by CTIA offers an interesting perspective on the fact that annual worldwide smartphone sales reached 1.3 billion in 2014 (according to IDC). So what does 1.3 billion translate into on a day to day basis? In doing the math, it means 3.5 million smartphones sold a day, 148,400 every hour, 2,473 every minute – and last but not least – 41 smartphones every second.

While perhaps a little less creative in approach, TechCrunch looked at similar data to provide some substantial food for thought. According to GfK analysts (who, for the record, say smartphone sales were actually just over 1.2 billion), the numbers were up 23% over the previous year. The biggest growth, not surprisingly, was in emerging regions (Latin America, Central and Eastern Europe) where consumers are snapping up lower price point smartphones with a vengeance. They also noted that shrinking pricing is going hand in hand with larger screen sizes of five inches or more (180% growth in 2014, with larger format screens expected to be the biggest segment in 2015). There’s a lot more data you can check out here.

So how would you dissect this data? Are there any other facts or angles you would focus on?

By the CEL-FI Team


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