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Installation Tips

Installation Tips for CEL-FI

When we developed our CEL-FI smart signal booster, our goal was to create a plug-and-play solution that effortlessly addressed the challenges of poor indoor cellular coverage. While the majority of customers breeze through a CEL-FI installation, there are those rare occasions when things don’t quite work work-out as easily or predictably as hoped.

Perhaps the easiest way to explain the whole installation process is to think of it as creating a bubble, where the outside edge is your window unit and the center is your coverage unit. The point is to create as big a bubble as you can by getting the units as far apart as possible without losing a signal between the two.

So here are some handy tips for those who’d like some extra help to get the best results:

  1. The Window Unit of the CEL-FI Duo, CEL-FI Pro, or our first generation RS1 or second generation RS2 shows a number of bars that tell you how much signal you are getting from your carrier’s network.
  2. The Coverage Unit’s display has a numeric indicator that shows you the relative size of the bubble. The larger the number the larger the bubble. (Note: On the CEL-FI Pro the information is displayed as a number of radiating semi-circles. On all other models it is shown as a number between 1 and 9.)
  3. A low number on the Coverage Unit has nothing to do with how many bars are showing on the window unit. Rather it helps in determining how far apart you can place the devices. If they are too close they can end up interfering with each other. If they are too far apart, the connection could be lost. As we stated before, the higher the value, the bigger the bubble. In other words, the higher the indication on the Coverage Unit, the better.
  4. If you are looking for coverage in a specific area of your home, place the Window Unit where you can get the most bars on the coverage unit within the targeted – in other words the area where it displays the strongest coverage.

Of course, we wish that every installation would go without a hitch. But when something happens, remember our support team is always there to make sure an issue gets resolved. So when in doubt, keep those questions and calls coming.

There’s also lots of video content to walk you through the process. Here’s one on CEL-FI Pro that gives you tons of installation information. Or check out this installation primer from T-Mobile: T-Mobile 4G LTE Personal CellSpot™ Signal Booster Un-boxed!”



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