CEL-FI PRO-X an Affordable Answer to Unfriendly Cellular Environments



We’ve got some great news on the CEL-FI front: the launch of the CEL-FI PRO-X cable accessory. So you might be asking why would a wireless signal booster need a cable? It’s simple – there are many environments in the world where radio frequency (RF) propagation is a bigger issue than we come across in the everyday world. Manufacturing, mining, marine, parking facilities – to name a few – can make it impossible to boost cellular coverage over a wireless link due to external interference and other issues.

The new PRO-X accessory is easy for professional installers to set up and is a cost-effective add on to any CEL-FI PRO. It allows for a cable connection between the Network and Coverage units to deliver a strong cellular signal even in the most challenging environments. Simply slide the CEL-FI PRO Network Unit into the PRO-X sleeve, and attach the LMR-200 cable to the front using an SMA connector. A second PRO-X adapter snaps onto the Coverage Unit, providing an SMA connector to attach the cable.

CEL-FI PRO-X can provide a cabled connection of up to 40 meters. And because it uses a passive coupling, it doesn’t require any additional certification or power.

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