CEL-FI Management Takes to the Cloud



Nextivity has announced the latest addition to the CEL-FI family. CEL-FI WAVE is a complete software solution that connects CEL-FI smart signal boosters to our own cloud-hosted services.

Now for the first time, mobile network operators (MNOs) can monitor and manage CEL-FI smart signal boosters deployed across their networks. With CEL-FI WAVE they get visibility into booster location, configuration, and performance so they can provide the best coverage footprint for subscribers.

Here’s how it works: CEL-FI WAVE is comprised of an agent that runs on CEL-FI devices, as well as on CEL-FI WAVE desktop and mobile applications. The agent is connected to cloud-hosted services that provide a wide variety of capabilities.

With CEL-FI WAVE, software updates and configurations can now be pushed from the cloud to individual CEL-FI systems, or to groups of devices. Controls and alerts, such as changes in device location, can also be layered in with the service from MNOs.

Resellers and IT administrators can also take advantage of CEL-FI WAVE for advanced installation and monitoring capabilities to deliver improved quality of service and performance. In addition, end users can register their systems on the network using the CEL-FI WAVE mobile or desktop application.

More information about CEL-FI WAVE. For detailed features and functions, visit www.cel-fi.com/wave.

We’d love to hear from you. What features would you like to see added to CEL-FI WAVE?

By the CEL-FI Team


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