CEL-FI GO X Strengthens Cellular Signal Coverage for Solar Farm Operations


Anyone running the operations for an energy provider will tell you that uninterrupted cellular signals are critical, especially when it comes to monitoring and surveillance. That is why a growing number of businesses in this future of energy market are turning to solutions like CEL-FI GO X to ensure uninterrupted cellular coverage.

Let’s consider the industrial usage example of a solar farm. Given the relative remoteness of their locations, these facilities often rely on wireless broadband for their communications, including their internet services. However, their distance from cell towers and the geographical terrain often leads to unstable coverage. This not only leads to interruptions in internet access and data transfer for the people at the solar farm site, but unstable cellular signals can also affect remote viewing of the CCTV systems from the operation’s central office.

A CEL-FI GO X system installed at the solar farm site, along with an antenna that is positioned inside or outside the solar farm’s operations building, can provide a reliable and consistent cellular signal and high data speeds to allow remote access. It not only supports 3G UMTS and 4G LTE (including VoLTE), but is also NEMA 4 rated to withstand harsher environmental conditions. The best part is CEL-FI GO X is simple to install, while the auto-configuration feature ensures the solar farm always experiences the optimum cellular signal.

All things are GO for Solar in the utility space! Find out more about CEL-FI GO X, or contact our distributor or reseller network.


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