CEL-FI GO X Gets Tough on Poor In-building Cellular Coverage



When it comes to in-building cellular coverage, the elements and the building structure can make it more challenging than expected. Even where there are nearby cellular towers, coverage can be inhibited thanks to building materials, surrounding hills, or metal interior walls. In fact, some buildings may not be able to get any cellular signal coverage inside.

So what’s different about this latest addition to our CEL-FI family? Even when there is no cellular signal present in a building, all you need is our just-launched CEL-FI GO X. It offers 1000x more gain than any other booster in the market. Not even the thickest concrete walls can stand in the way of CEL-FI GO X! Plus, CEL-FI GO is the only completely network safe alternative to BDA solutions in the market.

And while it’s built using our proven, award-winning Smart Signal Booster technology, it’s NEMA 4 rated, which means it can be placed outdoors even in pouring rain, high humidity, brutal heat, and more! It is a tough, reliable solution that will bring the cellular signal from outside to the users who need it inside the building to provide coverage in areas up to 15,000 sq. ft.

CEL-FI GO X is the best solution for commercial properties, government offices, banks, farm buildings, small manufacturing operations, rural areas, and even large offices or homes that are constantly struggling to get a cellular signal.

Best of all, it can be installed in four simple steps by an installer or a DIY enthusiast.

You can check out all the great features and functions of CEL-FI GO X on our website. Or you can always contact our distributor or reseller network to get information on pricing and availability (Q2 2017).



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