CEL-FI GO X: Addressing Cellular Coverage Challenges for Construction and Industrial Sites


Resellers and end users are quickly discovering that the CEL-FI GO X smart signal booster has a whole range of applications for tackling some of the toughest cellular coverage challenges.

The construction industry as well as industrial sites are perfect examples. In many cases cellular coverage on construction and industrial sites and campuses is unreliable at best – especially at large scale construction projects where site managers typically lack any kind of signal when working inside a temporary office trailer, yet require uninterrupted connectivity. Since most temporary office trailers are made of metal, they act like faraday cages, and therefore block the cellular signal. Conventional devices designed for in-building cellular coverage can be easily damaged by exposure to the elements, weather conditions, and dust and debris – all things that are common with any building in progress.

CEL-FI GO X is the ideal solution for this scenario. Not only is it fast and easy to install, it is NEMA 4 rated weather resistant so the unit can stand up to an exposed or outdoor environment. Once installed it can extend coverage up to 15,000 sq. ft. in low or no signal strength areas at a fraction of the cost of other solutions.

CEL-FI GO X can be located outdoors or indoors. You can even get creative and implement it on devices such as a telescopic boom to optimize connectivity with nearby cellular towers when you’re working in low lying areas.

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