CEL-FI GO M Keeping Cellular Coverage Strong in Vehicles for Service Workers


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Managing field workers and service staff can be a tricky business, especially when cellular coverage isn’t up to speed. Consider the example of a mobile plumbing operation with multiple vehicles where having a consistently strong cellular signal is key. Service managers in this particular business rely on constant communications with their plumbers so they can notify them of new jobs that have to be done, update them on scheduling conflicts, and receive details of parts and product orders that need to be shipped, etc. In addition, plumbers need to keep in touch with customers, and they also need cellular connectivity to process credit and debit card payments from their mobile card readers. Unfortunately, things don’t always work as well as they should.

Plumbers often end up driving through or working at remote locations where calls are dropped because of poor cellular coverage. Ultimately these interruptions in cellular service can lead to miscommunications, less efficient operations, and frustrated customers.

For any business where continuous cellphone contact with field workers or service staff is mission critical, CEL-FI GO M is the idea choice for ensuring uninterrupted communications. Here’s how it works.

  1. Install the external antenna on the roof of the vehicle.
  2. Mount the CEL-FI GO M unit with the server antenna inside.
  3. Hit the road.

The best part is CEL-FI GO M is unconditionally network safe so it won’t adversely affect cell towers within the region. You also get higher gain with CEL-FI, which ensures a higher quality, more reliable cellular signal; and it’s NEMA 4 rated so it’s able to stand up to harsh conditions. All of this means you can reap the benefits of uninterrupted communication, and not have to worry about losing touch with your field or service workers on the road.

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