The Cel-Fi™ Family

Nextivity's Cel-Fi system is a carrier-grade solution designed to eliminate indoor dead zones and work in harmony with the macro network.

Boost your signal strength

Boost Your Signal Strength

All you need is one bar.
To get five.

All you need is one place in your home or office that gets at least one bar of 3G coverage. No extra service fees, no internet connection required; Just a little bit of 3G signal strength and our revolutionary new Cel-Fi system will bring you blazing fast downloads, smooth video and surfing, and improved voice coverage throughout your home or office.

Better coverage & speed.

Simply plug Cel-Fi in and you will finally see how smart your phone can be. By enhancing the coverage in your home or office you will now be able to enjoy the functionality of today’s technology. Streaming videos, browsing the web, video chatting. It’s all so much faster once you’ve set up your new Cel-Fi system.

Increase your data speed

Increase Your Data Speeds

You’re paying for 3G.
Why not use it?

That new smart device you bought was made to take advantage of 3G technology, but without optimal signal strength you may not be getting your full money's worth. Get more out of your smart phone or tablet with Cel-Fi and stream video and download content faster, browse the web with ease, and get clearer voice calls from every room in your home or office.

Cut the cable.

Here's a simple solution to reduce your monthly living expenses: Instead of paying the high-price for high-speed internet, simply use Cel-Fi to provide a reliable signal to a 3G hotspot capable device to get 3G data speeds from your laptop or desktop. Surf the web, download files, stream video; get more done while cutting your costs with Cel-Fi.

Extend your phone's battery life

Extend Your Phone's Battery Life

Tell your battery to relax.

When your phone no longer has to use all of its energy trying to reach out to a far away cell site it gets to prolong its battery life and save its energy for fun things like downloading videos of cats falling from window sills. You know; the stuff the internet was made for.

Turn on Cel-Fi. Turn off Wi-Fi.

Your smart device uses a large portion of its energy on services such as Wi-Fi. With Cel-Fi you can turn off your Wi-Fi and get blazing fast downloads, increased voice clarity and signal, more reliable streaming and surfing, while extending your battery life so you can do more without being tied to a power outlet. Get the most out of your smart device with Cel-Fi.

An intelligent solution for your smart phone

An Intelligent Solution for Your Smart Phone

Powered by IntelliBoost©.

The IntelliBoost© Baseband Processor from Nextivity Inc. is the first core processor designed specifically to optimize the indoor transmission and reception of 3G wireless signals. It adds a layer of intelligence to the real-time operation of Cel-Fi. With a high capacity, ultra-low latency IntelliBoost© modem onboard, Nextivity delivers reliable performance under the most challenging indoor conditions.

Nextivity Technology Makes It Simple.

It is hard to believe that a product that does so much could be so easy to use. Finally a system that delivers what it promises; no cables, no configuration, no hassle. Just plug it in and enjoy the largest footprint in its class and data rates sure to delight even the most demanding user.